IMG_1287Andrea June (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, 2012) was born and raised in Wisconsin and earned her BA in psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. While she had long known that she wanted to pursue a career in mental health, she first became interested in helping those who deal with the mental and physical changes of aging during her junior year. UCCS is one of only a handful of graduate programs in the country that provides specialized training in Clinical Psychology with older adults (Geropsychology).

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Katie Horner has accepted a job offer to join the Student Success Center at UCCS as an Academic Advisor. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies in December 2011 from UCCS. Katie held multiple on-campus jobs during her undergraduate career, including being a Resident Assistant and an Orientation Welcome Leader, and through those positions, she realized that she wanted to pursue a career in Higher Education. She began pursuing her Master’s Degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education at UCCS, and successfully completed her degree in May 2013.  When she began working on her Master’s Continue Reading »


Rachel Cline (MSc, Health Promotion, 2012) was born and raised in Broomfield, Colorado.   Rachel earned her BS in Health Care Science in 2010, and loved the faculty and community of UCCS so much, she decided to stay and pursue her Master’s degree in Health Promotion. As part of her graduate capstone project, she implemented the American College of Sports Medicine’s national initiative entitled “Exercise is Medicine on Campus“.  It was  tailored to the UCCS campus and became the “Exercise is Medicine with Altitude” campaign. The main goal of this campaign was to educate the UCCS community on the many Continue Reading »

Originally published in the May 2013 School of Public Affairs eNewsletter.
UCCS Graduate School Alumna: Rosemary Lytle, MPA, 2006

UCCS Graduate School Alumna: Aubrey Fennewald, MPA, 2006

“There wasn’t really much that I didn’t like about the MPA program,” states Aubrey Fennewald, MPA 2006, when asked what about the MPA program she liked best. Classes that stood out for her were her classes in public policy and particularly the International Public Policy class. “It was in my first public policy course that I became friends with community activist and leader Rosemary Lytle.” She enjoyed the program evaluation course with Dr. Terry Schwartz and the local governance course with Mary Lou Makepeace.  “I learned a lot that I still refer to today in the intensive weekend courses for emergency planning and management, and I enjoyed my capstone project class led by Professor Donald Klingner.”

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IMG_7817There are few things more rewarding in life than participating in a graduation ceremony.  Whether you are moving on from high school, college, or graduate school, a graduate no doubt feels a wide range of emotions.  Relief that they have finished, uncertainty about what lies ahead, excitement for starting the next chapter in their lives, or maybe just sheer exhaustion after cramming for those last few final exams.

In honor of all who have graduated, the UCCS Graduate School will be posting a series on recent graduate students who have completed their advanced degree here at UCCS and have moved on to bigger and better things!  Congratulations class of 2013!

Sarah and her husband, Mathkar, are International Graduate Students from Saudi Arabia in the UCCS Master of Public Administration program. Prior to being accepted at UCCS, they spent 14 months studying English at Spring International Language Center in Denver, and fell in love with the area and people in Colorado. Coloradoans “are friendly, helpful, and respect my culture – especial what I wear,” said Sarah. Sarah is a Muslim woman who chooses to wear the hijab and niqab, a religious veil and cloth worn for modesty and obedience to God.

Mecca City - the holiest city in the religion of Islam

Mecca City – the holiest city in the religion of Islam


This is their first semester at UCCS and they have noticed that Graduate programs in both countries have similar teaching methodology and focus more on written assignments than exams.  Sarah adds that Saudi students who receive scholarships “prefer to study in the U.S. and other countries, in which they speak English, because they want to acquire the language and benefit from their experience in Western countries,” making them more competitive than their colleagues with Graduate degrees from Saudi Universities. This is especially the case in the medical and technological fields. Continue Reading »


Attendees were treated to a number of food items by Sodexo to highlight changes to the UCCS food supply.

Originally published on the
UCCS Communique on March 21, 2013

Faculty, staff and students were treated to dinner and a movie at the green carpet premier of the documentary “Fooducation: A Revolution of Food & Eating at UCCS” during the March 20 Chancellor’s Campus Forum in the University Center Theater.

Tamara Moore, executive director, Auxiliary Retail Services, introduced the film that highlights the recent changes to the UCCS food supply, including how it is procured, served and managed on campus.

According to Moore, the documentary sought to answer the question “what does food mean to you.” In it, faculty, staff and students are asked to identify types of vegetables and asked about their eating habits. Continue Reading »

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